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Channel stitching gives the WarmestBlanket™
a smooth, blanket-like feel. Flaxseed fill holds heat longer than most conventional wraps.


Rolls up small. Shown here with elastic ribbon ties to secure it for easy portability. Bends and twists to allow you to fold and store it in a variety of different ways.

20" Long x 16" Wide $79.00

Sweet dreams & restful sleep!

Made with soft organic cotton and hemp knit fabric, this blanket-style wrap is 20 inches long and 16 inches wide. It provides significant coverage for your shoulders and back or the front of your torso.

The WarmestBlanket™ can also be used on the lower back and hamstrings, or the tops of the thighs for comfort from aches and pains, and in place of the CritterCozy™ for larger pets

Comes standard wih a navy blue brushed cotton knit cover in your choice of four different herbal/flaxseed blends: Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender or Mint, and Unscented.

Weighs 3 LBs.


Accessorize your WarmestBlanket™ with Replacement Covers in a variety of solid colors and designer prints (avaiable in cotton flannel and/or cotton knit).

These covers protect your wrap and prolong its useful life.

To order some, see Accessories page

Other Suggested Uses

Lay it across your back to ease tension before a massage!

Or use it rolled up to soothe lower back pain and provide additional support

Place it over your chest and belly to take the chill out of chest cold and assist with breathing.

Our aim is to be a partner in wellness and comfort. WarmGoods® are intended only as a relaxation and healing aid. No medical claims are made or results guaranteed. As with any therapeutic product, consult your physician regarding specific issues that may affect you when using this product, especially allergies or sensitivities to materials or extreme temperatures, or in conjuntion with the treatment of serious physical injuries.

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