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Warning! Please Read Before Initial Use!

Prolonged heat exposure to one specific area may ignite the product. Please follow the instructions below to ensure safety and longevity of your wrap. Check items at least once during heating cycle. Download a PDF version of this page

Microwave Heating

  • Microwaves vary in strength and have hot spots. Please be sure to fold your WarmGoods® in a way that ensures the sides do not come in contact with the inside walls of your microwave (see photo to the right for example). This is VERY IMPORTANT otherwise burns and possible permanent damage to the product may occur

  • For non-rotating microwaves, please check item after 20? seconds of heating. Refold item and rotate as needed

  • While heating, ensure cover and/or Wrap-Ties are neatly and fully tucked inside the garment

Steam Heating

  • Use a double boiler or pot with a steamer insert

  • Boil water in bottom pan first. Remove from heat source. Place WarmGoods® product in top pan or steamer insert

  • Do not cover or wrap will become too damp. Follow Recommended Heating Times (see sidebar).

  • Do not wet wrap or immerse it in water

  • Use caution when removing wrap from the pot. May be very hot at first. Unfold and wrap in a towel, if necessary

Product Care (Accessories)

  1. Launder removable covers and Wrap-Tie covers only!

  2. Wash accessories in cold water with like colors. No chlorine bleach!

  3. To avoid shrinkage, line-dry or tumble-dry at low heat setting

Your wrap can be cleaned with a lightly dampened cloth or sponge but DO NOT SOAK OR IMMERSE in water or attempt to wash it in a washing machine!



CozyNeck™ 1 to 3 minutes
CozyNeck™ Large 2 to 4 minutes
CozySleeves™ 1 to 3 minutes
CritterCozy™ 1 to 3 minutes
Templesights™ 30 to 45 seconds
WarmestBlanket™ 2 to 4 minutes
WarmHeart™ 1 to 2 minutes


CozyNeck™ 4 to 10 minutes
CozyNeck™ Large 4 to 12 minutes
CozySleeves™ 4 to 8 minutes
CritterCozy™ 4 to 10 minutes
Templesights™ 1 to 2 minutes
WarmestBlanket™ 4 to 12 minutes
WarmHeart™ 4 to 8 minutes

"A portable Spa!" -- J.D., Artist

Our aim is to be a partner in wellness and comfort. WarmGoods® are intended only as a relaxation and healing aid. No medical claims are made or results guaranteed. As with any therapeutic product, consult your physician regarding specific issues that may affect you when using this product, especially allergies or sensitivities to materials or extreme temperatures, or in conjuntion with the treatment of serious physical injuries.

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