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What's so different about WarmGoods®?

Count the numerous ways ...

Interlocking Channel Stitching Provides Superior Construction
Most commercial heat packs and relaxation pillows on the market today have certain drawbacks that result in inferior performance. The most common drawback is the way they are sewn --straight wide sectioned panels that typically allow the filler to shift around and migrate to the edges clumping in some areas while others are left totally empty.

At WarmGoods® we spent a lot of time thinking about how we could make a wrap that was both effective and practical. It soon became evident that instead of straight wide panels we could create channels, bring the stitching closer together, and go one step further to interlock them. This stitching pattern ensures the seeds in the whole wrap remain evenly distributed regardless of how it is used or handled.

Large CozyNeck™ pictured here
twisted like a conch shell

The construction of each style of wrap is slightly different. Each one is cut and marked individually. Then the channels are created and filled with tubing that can reach all the nooks and crannies. After the tubing is filled, the fill is evened out before sealing and tagging. The fabulous benefit that came about from constructing the wraps this way, was their amazing flexibility and bendability!

Hemp & Cotton Fleece Blends Offer a More Cushy Feel
The woven fleece fabric used for the wrap itself gives it a cushy quality. Hemp provides thermal insulation and durability, while cotton lends a supple soft feeling. This fabric is a certified organic blend that is 45% hemp and 55% cotton purchased from Hemp Traders --purveyors of the finest hemp products. For more info visit www.hemptraders.com

Removable Protective Covers
While heating the wrap consistently keeps it in sterile condition, it's simply not possible to clean the wrap itself through immersion. Removable protective covers that can be laundered separately, enables you to keep your wrap feeling and smelling fresh and clean. This is especially helpful to massage therapists and bodyworkers who can swap out covers for back-to-back clients and launder them at a later time. We use top quality brushed cotton knits and cotton flannel for their soft cozy feel and durability. They come in colors that can work with most outfits and provide a smart look. As long as you take good care of your WarmGoods® wrap, it will take good care of you!

Wrap-Tie Covers
Wrap-Tie Covers provide a safe, comfortable, effective method for securing the wraps in place. There where many choices available for closures to secure the wraps to the body. Velcro, a popular option among makers of similar products, breaks down over time from the heat exposure and constant use. It can also scratch if you happen to fall asleep on it or place it the wrong way. An extra cover with extra tie handles made the most sense. Not only does it provide another soft layer of cotton to help retain the heat, but it facilitates the ability to wrap once or twice around an area to secure the garment in place.

Flax Seed Filling
In some products the kernels used are so big and sharp that it is very uncomfortable to rest on them with out feeling prickled. Definitely not soothing. Flat flax seeds are key. Like pieces of clay that merge flat against each other as the potter raises the clay to form the smooth wall of a vessel, flax seeds followed the curves of the channels, laying flat in much the same way. In addition, the high oleic content of flax seed makes it a perfect choice for providing deep moist heat. We always marvel how, after years of use, the wraps still provide the same amount of moisture as they did when they were new!

Our aim is to be a partner in wellness and comfort. WarmGoods® are intended only as a relaxation and healing aid. No medical claims are made or results guaranteed. As with any therapeutic product, consult your physician regarding specific issues that may affect you when using this product, especially allergies or sensitivities to materials or extreme temperatures, or in conjuntion with the treatment of serious physical injuries.

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