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What's inside those WarmGoods®?

A cornucopia of nurturing aromas to comfort & relax!

All WarmGoods® may be unscented or filled with a combination of flax seeds and aromatic herbs that are chosen for their healing properties. We strongly believe that the aromatic component of the wrap can, and usually does, multiply its intended effect.

Flax seeds are floral seed rather than grain (like rice). They contain 30%-40% oil which remains inside the seed enabling it to be continually re-heated over and over. Most grains lose their ability to retain heat over time as the moisture is eventually "cooked" out of them resulting in diminished effectiveness of the product.

We offer wraps unscented or in four different flax/herbal fillings: Clove, Eucalyptus, Mint, and Lavender. For each of these, we blend the actual buds, crushed leaves, and stems directly with the flax seeds.

The aromatic action can be enhanced by the addition of essential oils. Simply add a couple of drops directly to the wrap and slip back into its protective cover before heating.

We appreciate that not everyone can easily enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, so for those highly allergic to scents, we have an unscented version of the wrap that consists of flax seeds only.

The unscented wraps can provide a neutral palette on which you can experiment with different essential oil blends to find the most effective combinations for your particular needs.

Lavender: To soothe muscular aches and pains, relaxation, and relief from headaches, hypertension, and stress related conditions.

Clove: assist with arthritis rheumatism and sprains, colds, flu, and minor infections.

Eucalyptus: for decongestion, coughs, sinusitis, throat infections, debility, and headaches.


Mint: for its refreshing yet relaxing qualities. Assist with mental clarity and pain relief. good for head colds, sinus headaches, fatigue, nervousness, and stress.


Our aim is to be a partner in wellness and comfort. WarmGoods® are intended only as a relaxation and healing aid. No medical claims are made or results guaranteed. As with any therapeutic product, consult your physician regarding specific issues that may affect you when using this product, especially allergies or sensitivities to materials or extreme temperatures, or in conjuntion with the treatment of serious physical injuries.

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