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Enjoy the combination of warm comfort, deep healing aromas,
and versatile styling, when and wherever you need it!

Whether you need fast relief from aches and pains or you just want to enjoy the comfort of deep, long-lasting heat, WarmGoods™ delivers it and does it in style! Premium fabrics (cotton and hemp), filling (flaxseed and organic herbs), and superior construction (channel stitching), create fluffy soft herbal wraps that can easily bend and twist to be applied or wrapped around almost any part of the body and hold their heat for a long time. Accessories made of the same high quality material and construction convert healing aromatherapy warm goods into cozy, super stylish wearable goods!

Model Name / Primary Use

Additional / Suggested Uses


Pictured with Wrap Tie
cover (sold separately)

Soothes full neck & shoulder!

Made with soft organic cotton and hemp fleece fabric, this scarf-like neck wrap is 30 inches long and 8 inches wide. It’s primary benefit is to soothe and relax the neck and the upper vertebrae. It can be used effectively both indoors and out.

When worn outdoors, it bends and wraps to contour the neck, creating a protective barrier against cool winds and harsh inclement weather. Wearing it under a jacket ensures longer lasting heat and protection against the elements. A Wrap-Tie Cover is recommended to secure it in place and maximize heat benefits. Buy this product

With a Wrap-Tie Cover, the CozyNeck™ is very adaptable to other areas of the body such as the lower back, thighs, knees, shoulders, abdomen, and even around your head.

  • Use it to relieve lower back pain and soreness due to stress and overused muscles, or to enhance relaxation and extension before or while stretching

  • Tie it diagonally across the shoulder to relax overworked or tense shoulders

  • Place the larger area across the abdomen to ease cramps and relieve discomfort from bloating or indigestion

  • Wrap it around your head to relieve headache pain

CozyNeck Large
CozyNeck Large

Pictured with Wrap Tie
cover (sold separately)

More comfort for broad shoulders!

Get all the benefits of the CozyNeck™ with more coverage! The extra width and length on this model makes it ideal for folks with big or broad shoulders.
Buy this product

MuffieMuff MuffieMuff

Warms hands, wrists & forearms!

The appeal of the old time muffler is the inspiration to reinvent this time honored, fanciful garment. The MuffieMuff™ is a tube-shaped muffler with ample room to slip both hands and arms into. It's primary purpose is for warming your hands and lower forearms while you are outdoors. Especially useful during long walks in the cold or prolonged exposure associated with outdoor athletic activities like ice-skating and skiing or attending sporting events. Buy this product

May also provide relief from Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) by soothing tight and overworked muscles in the lower forearms, wrists, and elbows.

PetEase PadPetEase Pad

Eases joint pain & repels fleas!

The PetEase Pad™ is made with super soft organic cotton and hemp. Provide the purr-fect warm spot for cats and smaller dogs. Helps ease joint pain and improve poor circulation in older pets. Eucalyptus in the filling helps ward off fleas! Buy this product

This can double up as a bench or seat warmer for humans too. Heat one up and throw it onto your car seat when it's cold out.


Fast sinus & headache relief!

There's nothing more soothing than a warm eye wrap that can really provide generous coverage. This cushy eye pillow generously covers the temples, forehead, eye sockets, and entire sinus area with evenly distributed weight. It is great for the relief of tension headaches. Buy this product

It can also be placed in the freezer to use for cold comfort that can be effective for migraines, and soothing minor skin irritations in and around the eye area.

  • Wrap-Tie covers enable complete and continued coverage while laying sideways

  • Mint or Lavender scents are recommended for enhancing pain relief

  • Can be wrapped around the ankle to help with sprains

  • Can be wrapped around the elbow for tennis elbow


Sweet dreams & restful sleep!

This blanket-style wrap is 20" x 16" wide, offering significant coverage for shoulders and back or the chest and abdominal area. It's mainly a torso and back relaxer. Versatile and adaptable to suit your every day back support needs as you are sitting, leaning or lying down. Highly recommended for massage therapists and bodywork practitioners to prep their clients by applying heat to their muscles to facilitate the release of tension and stress. Buy this product

  • Roll the wrap and secure it with elastic bands or other ties and use it for lower back support while traveling in the car or while sitting in a chair

  • Roll the wrap and secure it with elastic bands or other ties and use it as asmall bolster for neck support while reclining or sitting in a chair

  • Heat up WarmestBlanket™ and place on your bedding to create a warm and cozy environment to help induce sleep



Pictured with Wrap Tie
cover (sold separately)

Great for kids & tummy aches!

The WarmHeart™ can be used on the lower back, stomach, hamstrings, or thighs for comfort from aches and pains. Its' unique shape and size make it ideal for kids! Buy this product

Buy a separate Wrap Tie cover for your WarmHeart™ and use it in one of the following additional ways:

  • Use as an elbow rest while working on the computer

  • Wrap it around a sore knee

  • Drape it over a shoulder

  • Wrap it around your waist to ease abdominal cramps



Pictured with Wrap Tie
cover (sold separately)

Comfort & support for knees and elbows!

Warm or cold, WarmKnees™ offers healing comfort and support that you can wear around your knees or your elbows so you can remain active. Made with soft organic cotton and hemp knit fabric, this wrap comes with a cover that is 25 inches long and includes 3 inch reinforced Velcro© straps on one end for adjustable fit. Buy this product

  • Use to support a sprained or sore knee

  • Use it to support your knee after surgery

  • Use as an elbow rest to minimize Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) to your arms

  • Wrap it around your upper arm to ease muscle soreness

Wrap Ties & Covers

Great for protecting and accesorizing your WarmGoods!!

Besides quality, what else sets WarmGoods™ apart from others? Wrap ties! Warp ties are unique to to Warmgoods™ They enhance our products by adding style with rich colors and fun prints!

They also add versatility enabling you to use your WarmGoods™ in more than one way. Replacement covers extend the life of your product over time --especially if you use it frequently.

Wrap-Tie Covers come in solid colors and Designer prints, in cotton knit or high-grade cotton flannel. Each product has a Wrap Tie that's designed to fit that specific product. Buy this product

Wrap Ties enable you to use your WarmGoods™ in a variety of ways over and above their original intended purpose. Here are some examples of what a Wrap Tie let's you do:

  • Accessorize your CozyNeck™ so you can wear it like a stylish scarf --allowing you to enjoy its soothing heat & comfort while on the go!

  • Use your CozyNeck™ to support and ease lower back pain --while sitting or standing!

  • Get relief from a headache by wrapping your CozyNeck™ around your head like a turban

  • Wrap your WarmHeart™ around your waist to ease abdominal cramps

  • Use your TempleSight™ as a wrist wrest or to support your elbows and forearms & minimize the discomfort from Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)

Our aim is to be a partner in wellness and comfort. WarmGoods™ are intended only as a relaxation and healing aid. No medical claims are made or results guaranteed. As with any therapeutic product, consult your physician regarding specific issues that may affect you when using this product, especially allergies or sensitivities to materials or extreme temperatures, or in conjuntion with the treatment of serious physical injuries.

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