We attend to all your senses.


Narrow Interlocking Channel Stitching Provides Superior Construction


Our narrow interlocking channel stitching offers a more substantial and plush feel by containing the flax seed filling, thus limiting shifting and migrating to the bottom or edges. These baffles hold the steam and create hot air pockets that extend the warmth of the wrap.


Hemp & Cotton Fleece Blends Offer a More Substantial Comfortable Feel


The core of our wrap is crafted from a fleece blend of hemp & organic cotton. This fabric is a certified organic blend that is 45% hemp and 55% cotton. Hemp is a very strong and durable fabric, adding years of life to the product. It also has insulation properties, extending the wrap’s warmth after heating. Hemp is a sustainable crop in keeping with our mission of having a light imprint on the planet and being ecologically sensitive.




Flax Seed Filling


We use only flax seeds as our basic fill because their flat shape contributes to ergonomic body contouring. Their high oil content is key as it provides moist heat rendering for more penetrating and emollient warmth. We always marvel how, after years of use, the wraps still provide the same amount of moisture as they did when they were new! Flax seeds are floral seed. They contain 30%-40% oil which remains inside the seed enabling it to be continually re-heated over time. (Please check instructions for care details.)



Removable Protective Covers

  While heating the your WarmGoods®  removable protective covers can be laundered separately, enabling you to keep your wrap feeling and smelling fresh and clean. This is especially helpful for massage therapists and body workers who can swap out covers for back-to-back clients and launder them when convenient. We use top quality cotton knits and cotton flannel for their soft cozy feel and durability.  As long as you take good care of your WarmGoods® wrap, it will take good care of you!



WrapTie™ Covers


WrapTie™ covers are the answer to WarmWearability, creating a fashionable way to enjoy WarmGoods® around town! Tying them like a scarf is easy. They come in various colors to coordinate with any wardrobe. Velcro©  is used exclusively for WarmKnees™ and WarmAnkles™ (In RD phase) wraps as it provides stability for mobility and comfortable wear. Generous wide straps allow for flexibility in sizing.





Aromatherapy, Customizing for Your Personal Needs


Each wrap’s flax seed filling may include one exclusive aromatherapy ingredient. These single herb aromatherapy ingredients were chosen for their healing and comforting properties. We offer lavender, mint, eucalyptus, or clove mixed in with the flax seeds. We want you to be clear regarding which herb is providing the relief and not risk combining something that may cause unwanted effects. We strongly believe this scent component enhances and multiplies WarmGoods® effectiveness. For those people who do have scent sensitivities, all our wraps are also available fragrance-free.



ScentStrip™at Your Fingertips


We also have crafted a 2″ x 30″ cotton ScentStrip™, which is the perfect carrier for your personalized aromatherapy recipe. You can visit your local scent bar and enjoy getting to know what brings you comfort and harmonizes with your soul. Scent can open worlds for you and you can craft your own scent to enjoy tucked inside your wrap. Use this strip to imbue your wrap with aroma without adding essential oil directly to the flax seed mixture. You are then free to change your desired scent after you launder and refresh your ScentStrip™.  You can keep several ScentStrips™ on-hand to build your personal aromatherapy selection. 


Use WarmGoods® With Confidence, Safe for You Everyday and Everywhere

WarmGoods® are lovely sleep companions with their softness and comfort at home or for travel. Our customers feel comfortable with the versatility of wearing everywhere and widely use them as sleep aids, without the fear of electromagnetic radiation from electric blankets and the like. WarmGoods®are enjoyed under the covers for a good night rest!