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How much difference will it make to you having a personal, custom wrap that will immediately embrace you with warmth and coziness bringing you comfort like a cup of hot soup on a cold winters day?

WarmGoods® was born to bring this experience to you immediately, with out delay when you are in most need of this special care.

We have thoughtfully designed these exquisite wraps to soothe and comfort you and your loved ones. We thought about all aspects of design, natural healing ingredients that could address your palliative self care, to aid you in restoring that cozy, warm, loving feeling, that helps you get back to your calm, centered, happy self.

We bring you, our years of experience in design and craftsmanship and aromatherapy to create an amalgamation of ingredients that will sooth you and serve you for longevity.
We created something that you can personalize, care for and treasure years to come, as our materials are chosen to last. Highest quality for self care and sustainability for the planet are top priorities in our ingredient choices. We grow in community making our products right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Within this pages you will find the many factors that make WarmGoods® the most effective, sustainable solution available today!
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To your Health,

Marlene Sanchez