I want to thank all my customers  for taking the time to write this words of appreciation!  You  experienced opinions make a real difference!


“WarmGoods helps me sleep at night – like a modern version of a hot water bottle, it warms up the sheets on a cold night, helps tight muscles relax, and is part of my nightly bedtime routine.  I’ve been using the product for years and really appreciate the wonderful customer service provided by WarmGoods creator/owner Marlene Sanchez. She demonstrates the value she places on her product and her customers through her careful listening and responsiveness to their product experience.

Nancy W

“I have spent a lot of money on chiropractors, creams, massage etc. and then I discovered a one time purchase that I can use over and over and simply place it in the microwave for a few minutes to get the same relief I got from all of the things I mentioned.

I first purchased the lavender WarmGoods that I can easily put across my upper back and tie in the front, then purchased the same one for a few different people as gifts, all of whom thanked me and told me how great it was.

Jeffrey R Terrell

“I have used WarmestBlanket as part of my massage treatment for over 5 years in my practice. People like the added touch of warmth, it helps them relax, and it makes my work easier as their muscles are so much looser. I offer them for sale in my studio as clients enjoy the extended therapeutic benefits beyond the session.”

Denise Stukas Massage Therapist.

“I wanted to write to tell you how wonderful your products are. I have been suffering from constant headaches and shoulder aches and nothing seemed to work to relieve the pain. I can say that I have tried every thing. I took my CozyNeck home and popped it in the microwave; the warmth that it generated was fabulous. My headache went away in less than 15 minutes. My Children Have now discovered my precious CozyNeck and is used for aliments ranging from toothaches to muscle aches to cramps. Thanks again for your products and now I am going to invest in several more!”

Stephanie Owens, mother of four.

“ I love the channel construction: It distributes the warmth and weight evenly across my neck and shoulders. It is so ergonomic. All tension disappears instantly, WarmGoods for morning, noon and night!”

Beata Handra,

Figure Skater and U.S. Olympian

“WarmGoods feels great after my Lacrosse game”

Mathew Kaplan

“It’s like having your own portable spa!”

jd – Video Artist

“It was so good it almost knocked me out!”

Thomas –writer

“I have to tell you that Cinder loves the blanket.  Last week, he had some teeth pulled after a routine teeth cleaning.  That night, I heated WarmestBlanket™ in the microwave for 2 minutes and wrapped a towel around

it to keep the heat in,  Cinder slept on it all night. Your product now serves cats as well. I thought you would like to know how great this blanket is!”

Madeleine – Schoolteacher

“ I left work the other day feeling really tired and chilled.  On the drive home, I kept thinking how I couldn’t wait to get home and crawl in bed with your Cozy Neck. Just thinking about having that wonderfully warm and scented cozy next to me began the healing in the car.  Thanks again!, (P.S. I wish I had brought it to work with me today.  I sure could use it now.)”

Pam- Aesthetician

“Fijese que solo la he probado una vez y si senti que me alivio el dolor!

gracias Marlene.”

Claudia – Administrative assistant

“You said to let you know when I wanted to order more, so here I am. Your stuff is honestly the best there is out there. It’s totally worth the extra cost. I’d like to order a few more things – a knee wrap, a cozy neck in eucalyptus, and a temple sight in eucalyptus”

Kalla Hirschbein

I’ve been using my cozy neck non-stop for the past two days. I hurt my neck again, but it already feels so much better!

DeeDee Hunt

“The wrap arrived, giving off a delightful lavender sent to the mail box.  The wrap is wonderful for aching muscles in a cold house.

The fireplace heats only the downstairs.”

Betty Brolly

A Cozy Neck is like a nice warm Hug!”

Katya K.

“I love the shape of the CozyNeck wrap;

it fits very well around my neck and shoulders and

the heat is even because you have stitched

the material, that holds its shape.”

Sai Lee Patterson

“I can almost feel the breeze of a lavender field”

Yuki Li

‘When Is cold or  rainy  out  it  is always a treat to have”.

Richard G.

“I use my CozyNeck every day on my hip muscles, which tend to get tight and “lock up”. I’ve even started taking it to the gym with me, popping it into their microwave, then wearing it while I warm up at the start of my workout. Thanks! I’m eyeing the WarmestBlanket for my next WarmGoods purchase.”

Maria Dulmage

“I wore the wrap on the plane. Thanks to CozyNeck, it is the first time I have been able to sleep on a plane! It was just the right fit. My neck was comfortable leaning into it and the aroma of lavender was very soothing. Now I will need to travel with it all the time!

Shuna Henney